Cheshire East Council

Cheshire East is a great place that is full of potential. It has a strong economy, attractive places to live and standards of education are high. However, we also have areas of health and economic inequality, which can mean that not everyone has the same opportunities.

Cheshire East Council was created in 2009.  It is responsible for providing more than 500 local public services to over 378,000 residents. We have a key role to play in supporting communities, maximising the potential for sustainable economic growth and protecting our most vulnerable children and adults. We also care for our environment – our historic towns, countryside and villages – and we are committed to playing our part in tackling the challenge of climate change. In April 2020, we published a comprehensive Environment Strategy, including a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2025.

Following local elections in May 2019, the Council is lead by a joint Labour and Independent administration.  Also in 2019-20, a new senior officer team took shape, following the recruitment of a number of key roles. Our new Chief Executive, Lorraine O’Donnell, joined in March 2020.

The Council’s overarching Vision is articulated through our strapline: “Working for a Brighter Future Together” and it aims to deliver a council that will:

  • Celebrate the diverse and distinctive places and communities in the borough, working with them to achieve their hopes and aspirations;
  • Be led by strong and responsible leadership who are committed to public service and rooted in their communities;
  • Have valued staff who are proud ambassadors for the council;
  • Reach out to communities, neighbouring councils and partners, listen to what they say and act accordingly;
  • Be a business-like, financially independent council which enables residents and communities to become more self-sufficient; and
  • Take decisions for the long-term, investing in the future and responding to changing circumstances.

Our Values are FIRST:






How we will deliver

  • Ensuring that we have strong political and managerial leadership through development programmes and external challenge and support;
  • Investing in Member development and management resilience to strengthen our community leadership and delivery capacity;
  • Becoming a better partner by developing a culture of working with others and sharing risks and rewards; and
  • Having a more open and frank conversation with our communities, neighbours, partners and staff.

We were due to consult on a new draft Corporate Plan for 2020-24 but this was put on hold when the Coronavirus restrictions were introduced in mid-March.  Our priorities, as currently drafted, are:

  • Ensure strong, resilient and connected communities
  • Protect and enhance the environment
  • Improve connectivity and sustainable travel
  • Protect, support and empower our more vulnerable children, adults and families
  • Promote learning and skills for all throughout life
  • Support people to live more active, healthy and fulfilling lives
  • Promote sustainable and inclusive growth
  • Be a transparent and responsive council

We are taking the opportunity to review the work we did.