Kath O’Dwyer – introductory video


Welcome to Cheshire East Council.

We are an aspiring, high performing organisation which seizes opportunities for the benefit of all our residents, businesses and visitors. We have an ambitious corporate plan, a thriving economy, beautiful surroundings and close network with our partners to enable the absolute delivery of successful outcomes for our local authority.

We are on a journey and understand there will be many challenges along the way. But if you are successful at securing this exciting role, you will be given an unparalleled platform, to be part of our new vision and help shape our plans – working for an even brighter future together.

Frank Jordan
Executive Director of Place and Acting Deputy Chief Executive

One of the key things for me is that Cheshire East is one of those rare places that has a very good environment already, a very strong economy and our place based services are performing very well. For example, we are in the top ten per cent of recyclers in the country, our libraries are the top performing library service in the North West and we are exceeding on delivery of our housing targets.

But there is so much opportunity to do even more in Cheshire East. Particularly when looking at our Head of Strategic Transport role. It’s a really good time to join Cheshire East – we’ve got the advent of HS2, a mature infrastructure programme and we’ve got lots of plans to develop our town centres as well.

So I think this person will be joining at a time when we are a good council, it’s a great place to work and you will be joining as part of a successful team.

Mark Palethorpe
Acting Executive Director of People

The People directorate includes adults, children’s, public health and communities. Cheshire East is a fantastic place to live, work and a great place to come and spend some time as a visitor. We have great schools and we get excellent results in GCSEs and at A level, as well as vocational studies.  We also do really well for our young people finding employment within the Borough.   In our children’s social care, we’ve got some real challenges – similar to other councils across the country. However, we are particularly pleased to have great working relationship with partners and our investment in early help remains a key part of our offer to children and families.   

Thinking about our children’s social care, we’ve got some real challenges – as other councils do across the country. However we are particularly fortunate because we have a great offer of support for our cared for children, we have Mark Riddell the national adviser for care leavers who came and visited us recently and gave us a great bill of health.

Mark Taylor
Interim Executive Director Corporate Services

The Corporate Services directorate has gone through a major restructure in recent months to create three key streams of excellence. We are looking for people with professional and technical skills to develop our teams. The areas we are looking for are financial and customer service provision in terms of governance and compliance which also includes audit and risk and also our transformation function which will be specifically targeted to deliver the brighter futures programme over the next few years.